Table of Contents

  1. Project Hubs
  2. Courses
  3. Courses with interactive websites

Project Hubs

Need something to inspire you? Check out these project pages.

  • Instructables. Step-by-step maker tutorials ranging from woodworking to fabric craft to electronics. I will ocassionally invite students to post Instructables of their work in my courses to more broadly share their creativity and knowledge (e.g., Fall 2012, Spring 2014, Spring 2015)

  • Arduino Project Hub. Arduino’s official project hub for makers to post their projects and tutorials.

  • Hackaday. Hackaday shares daily updates about IoT, robotics, and other interactive electronics projects. is their version of the Arduino Project Hub.


The following courses have inspired my pedagogical approach and materials.

  • CMSC838f: Tangible Interactive Computing, UMD, Taught by Professor Jon E. Froehlich. Example offerings: Spring 2015

  • CS294-84: Interactive Device Design, UC Berkeley, Co-taught by Professors Björn Hartmann and Paul Wright. Example offerings: Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014

  • CS284-84 / ME290R: Advanced Interactive Devices and Digital Fabrication, UC Berkeley, Co-taught by Professors Björn Hartmann and Paul Wright. Example offerings: Spring 2013.

  • ITP Physical Computing, NYU ITP, Co-Taught by Professor Tom Igoe and colleagues.

  • CS294-85 / NEWMEDIA290: Critical Making, UC Berkeley, Taught by Professor Eric Paulos.

  • INFO262 / NEWMEDIA262: Tangible User Interfaces, UC Berkeley taught, Professor Kimiko Ryokai. Example offerings: Spring 2013.

  • MAS.S62: Crafting Material Interfaces, MIT Media Lab, Taught by Professor Leah Buechley. Example offerings: Fall 2011.

  • CS4830/7000: Things that Think, CU Boulder, Co-taught by Mike and Ann Eisenberg. Example offerings: Spring 2011, Spring 2012

Courses with interactive websites

There are a number of emerging academic courses that have accompanying interactive learning websites, like this one. Here are some that I’m aware of (please share others!):

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